About The Center

The E-Commerce Center (ECC) is an infrastructure that has been set up by a Public Private Partnership (PPP) that includes multiple government agencies, as well as partners from the private sector, with SMEs at its core.

The overall objective is to enable the e-commerce ecosystem and host key solutions for challenges such as payments and logistics. All thanks to the power of working together.


Market Visibility

The ECC hosts and manages multiple online sales channels to allow local entrepreneurs to get online and sell both their products and services within Rwanda and internationally.

It will cost-effectively deliver their products to the door of the consumer, as well as providing visibility for their products and services.

Latest News

Open Day Invitation

The E-commerce Center Rwanda (ECC) would like to extend an invitation to visit our center for an Open Day

AIMS Career Day Artwork

AIMS Career Day.

Today E-commerce Center Rwanda participated in the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences Career day! It was a great experience learning

SCRATC2H 2050 Exposure Visit

SCRATC2H 2050 Exposure Visit

The E-Commerce Center Rwanda and RwandaMart alongside secondary school learners & teachers visited Tech companies in Kigali (Coding Academy,

Our Production Process & Product Story


The ECC is a hub to enable access to e-commerce tools, technologies and knowledge. 

It consists of:
– Business Center
– Digitization Studio
– Media Studio
– Trader Lab
– Fulfilment Centre.

It has procured various technologies and equipment that will be made available to its members. Watch out for new technologies arriving too!

All the ECC’s Business Centre facilities are now available for booking by appointment*.

The innovative Trader Lab, Media Studio and ECC Fulfilment Center will be open later in 2021.

A participatory payment is required for each booking to ensure the sustainability and maintenance of the ECC.


*subject to local COVID-19 regulations

Digitization Studio

This fully-equipped studio is available for entrepreneurs to take and edit photos of products. It includes state of the art equipment, including lighting, a green screen and rotating platform.

Business Center

The Business Center has a training room, meeting room and a large co-working space available for members and entrepreneurs to book, and is a hub for e-commerce learning. Internet and office supplies are available too.

Trader Lab

This 3D printing farm will contain a first series of 20 Prusa Mini+ 3D printers, which will allow entrepreneurs to design and create their own products, with state-of-the-art manufacturing innovation at their fingertips.

Packaging Machine

Access to cost effective and available packaging is a big problem in Rwanda. This packaging machine laser cuts already available cardboard into perfect-fit boxes, saving on costs, reducing the impact on the environment, while enhancing the attractiveness of products.


Automation tools are at the heart of the ECC, from a Robotic 6 Axis Arm to web automation. Such technology allows for better competitivity, faster processing times and a higher level of customer service.


A fleet of e-bikes and a delivery drone will be studied, so that local logistics companies can mutually deploy environmentally-friendly delivery using innovative new solutions.

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